Website Review Package

Are you struggling to make your website work, but lost as to how?

Broken links, alignment out of order, is security an issue?

Is it costing you thousands in lost sales, but you’re at a loss with what needs work?

We can thoroughly audit your website – from front-end and backend- and create a detailed report covering our recommendations on what needs improve and exact steps to take.

I am a web designer/developer with more than 7 years experience in the industry, also having two successful e-commerce babywear stores, so I get all facets from a design to development perspective. I have been working with clients from startup phase to medium-sized businesses, designing and improving their websites. Feel free to read about my story here.

In reviewing your website, we will help you identify what needs immediate attention to:

  • Attract your ideal customers
  • Function properly with good UX
  • Ensure a safe and secure site
  • Create a high converting homepage and checkout page

You will get a extension report to take to your web developer for a fixed price of: AU$399*

*** Includes a bonus free Digital Fix with every purchase

Your report will cover:


Our handy list of SEO recommendations to put your site in the best possible position to rank in Google and take advantage of free traffic out there.

Mobile/Tablet Responsiveness

Recommendations on your stacked panels, navigation usability, flow and ability to checkout on your mobile/tablet.

Content Audit

We review whether your site represents your brand message, and make suggestions on what copy to add or amendments to make.


We will assess how easy it is to navigate around your site, and offer recommendations on improvement, and highlight key must-haves.

Reporting & Metrics

I will educate you on where your traffic is coming from and the key marketing channels you should focus on. Monitor the incremental changes through Google Analytics and watch the progress unfold.

Site Speed Performance

I will run a series of site speed tests, which is an essential component to SEO. Upon a though assessment, I will provide your score and list recommendations on how to speed up your website.


Are you protected from hackers? I will assess where your website is at, how safe it is, and offer recommendations on key plugins you need to protect your valuable asset.

Maintenance & Backup

Do you have a maintenance and backup plan provision in place? I will audit it and provide a checklist of the essentials to safeguard your website and ensure everything stays up-to-date.